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5 Möglichkeiten, um fit zu werden, ohne zu versuchen


Do you ever feel bad for skipping a workout? I know I do, but I’ve learned that there are some days where we literally just don’t have the time to fit it in! Not every day is going to be perfect. Especially when I’m on the road… it’s literally impossible some days. Check out my on-the-road workout!

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But there are things that we can do while we’re doing everything else (that’s right! I’m talking to all us multitaskers!) and they’re not hard to fit in our busy lifestyles.

1. Sit Up Straight!

It’s vital to have good posture and often, we just don’t realize that we’re slumping slightly at our desk or not standing perfectly straight when we walk. It doesn’t sound like much, but maintaining good posture throughout the day will actually help you burn more calories!

2. Do Calf Raises

Whenever I’m blending a smoothie for breakfast or waiting for the car to fill up with gas, I do calf raises. It doesn’t take much effort and I’m just standing there anyway. Every time I do it, I try to add in 1-5 more raises than last time and I’ve noticed that I can do a lot more than I started with. These (along with running) have given me sculpted calves. ? I do 60-100 at a time.

3. Run Up the Stairs

Pretty much every fitness article I’ve ever read has confirmed the fact that you’re supposed to take the stairs as opposed to the elevator, so now that you have that drilled into your head… take it to the next level! Run up the stairs! Don’t just amble up those steps slowly. Or maybe you could take the steps two at a time. My newest way of going up the stairs is to lower my upper body down as I walk up the stairs. It’s a very hard move, because you’re basically doing a squat and a lunge at the same time uphill! It’s a killer. And yes, looking stupid while you do it is just part of the regime.

4. Make Cleaning Your Teeth a Workout

I know. That sounds ridiculous. But every time I clean my teeth I multitask. When I floss I do alternate lunges until I’m done. When I brush my teeth I do squats or quad stretches. You’re supposed to brush your teeth for two minutes and believe me… two minutes of squats can be a workout! Especially if you’re one of those people who brush their teeth after every meal like the dentist says to. I’m not that person.

5. Swap Your Desk Chair

When I type at my desk at home, I’m sitting on my well-loved fitness ball. I roll my weight back and forth. I bounce on it. Basically I just fidget on it all day and you better believe all that fidgeting burns calories!

I’m constantly stabilizing my core and I tend to have better posture as opposed to a regular desk chair. Plus, I find it much more comfortable than a desk chair.

Hope these little tips help!

Any ways you incorporate fitness into your daily life?

Charissa is a health and fitness blogger at Colourful Palate, a website devoted to motivating others to a healthy, balanced, and fit lifestyle. Her specialty is making healthy recipes that are quick, easy, great for pre-workout, recovery, and for optimal energetic lifestyle. She also features health articles, workouts, and natural wellness tips.

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