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5 Top-Apps für Gesundheit und Fitness



There are tons of amaaaazing apps out there. I want to quickly tell you about a few of my favourites!


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1. Lose It!

This app is incredible! I don’t count calories much anymore, but when I was, this was the best thing ever. Why I like it: It monitors how many grams of calories, protein, sugar, and fiber I’ve had in a day (and weekly). This is something I still like to monitor from time to time. It has the best food base I’ve found (I’ve tried tons of food diary apps!) and if the food or brand you’re looking up isn’t there, you can simply add it in yourself. You log in your height, weight, and other details about your sweet self and it will give you the amount of calories you need to eat daily and a date that you should hit your goal weight. It also tracks your weight with fun graphs. (picture via LoseIt!)



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2. 8 Glasses a Day

This app is fun! As you drink your water for the day (you select how many glasses that is!) you tap a full glass of water and then watch as it empties! I try to drink 10-12 glasses daily, so this is great for keeping me on track! It even gives you a little congratulations message when you hit your daily goal, along with a fun fact about why water is so good for you! (.99)






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3. Nike Training Club

I cannot say enough good things about this app. The best workout app in the world. Period. It has amazing workouts (and lots of them!) to choose from (beginner, intermediate, & advanced) with different focuses (strength, fat loss, targeted area, toning). I have been doing these workouts since summer of last year and I still haven’t run out of new workouts!

You can choose music/playlists of your own to go with the workout or just listen to the instructor giving you hints on how to do the exercises and telling you what to do. There will be beeps to tell you when to stop an exercise and move on. One thing I think is awesome about Nike Training Club, is that if you do not know how to do the exercise, you simply pause it and choose one of the two options: (1) look at photos on how to do it or (2) watch a quick movie. You don’t have to exit out of the workout to look up the move. So easy and takes only seconds.

The app saves your workouts and your progress and even gives you the option of tweeting or sharing on Facebook to keep yourself motivated! Plus, as you move through the workouts you will unlock badges for however many minutes you complete. Often these badges will have a reward attached to them, such as an exclusive celebrity workout or healthy recipes. Anyway, I’m crazy about this app…the workouts are no joke and I really notice myself getting stronger when I do this consistently! (FREE… which is still unbelievable to me)

The best fitness apps

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4. BodyBuilding.Com

This is just a great resource for looking up different moves… kind of like a exercise dictionary. I also love a lot of their articles and recipes. Especially their recipes.

You can sign up and have a profile as well, which will allow you to join their community, track your progress, and join in forums. (FREE)

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5. 200 Situps

This is for those of us who like a challenge. This app works you up to, as the name says, 200 situps. This is great for motivating yourself to do those “mini-workouts” in a day. You don’t do all these situps in a row. You do a certain amount, pause for a break, and continue until you get your daily requirement in. This app is partially responsible for making me very good at situps. Sometimes, this is my “before-bed” workout. (1.99)

There you have it…some of my favourite health/fitness apps that I like to use from time to time! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have you tried any of these apps?
Do you have any good suggestions to add to the mix?

Charissa is a health and fitness blogger at Colourful Palate, a website devoted to motivating others to a healthy, balanced, and fit lifestyle. Her specialty is making healthy recipes that are quick, easy, great for pre-workout, recovery, and for optimal energetic lifestyle. She also features health articles, workouts, and natural wellness tips.

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