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7 leckere Möglichkeiten, den National Pumpkin Pie Day zu feiern

national pumpkin pie day
If you ask me, the real National Pumpkin Pie Day is on Thanksgiving, but since so many of you weirdos insist on calling that day Turkey Day, I wanted to bring a little attention to my favorite fall food. And yes, my favorite fall food is pumpkin pie.
I know pumpkin spice is super crazy popular these days — I mean, there’s even pumpkin spice hair! — but my pumpkin pie-flavored memories go all the way back to childhood. Which, in my case, occurred waaaaay before the pumpkin spice craze hit.
You see, my family was always fairly strict about dessert. You could always have something sweet after dinner, but the servings were carefully regulated. And good thing, because I was not a child who exhibited any interest in moderation of any sort. If I were eating cookies, I could have two or three, depending on the type of cookie. Never four. If we had cake or pie — even for special occasions, like birthdays — a single slice (with a scoop of ice cream, natch) was it.
But for some reason, pumpkin pie was different. I guess it was probably because we typically ate our Thanksgiving dinner mid-afternoon, so having seconds (of anything) later in the day was totally acceptable. But, at any rate, having more than one slice of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving was never frowned upon. My dad and I would even cut ourselves slices the next morning for breakfast — a tradition I’ve happily continued into adulthood.
I have no interest in having pumpkin pie all autumn long — that would take some of the magic away for me. However, National Pumpkin Pie Day seems like as good an occasion to indulge as any, so I wanted to share a handful of pumpkin pie-inspired recipes I’ve come across recently. Not all pumpkin pie has to come in a round crust!

Looking for a true pie, but with a healthier twist?

Still want a dessert, but not an actual pumpkin pie?

Need a breakfast or snack option?

Now, the real question: What do you put on your pumpkin pie? I might risk losing some foodie cred here, but I just love Cool Whip on it. I really do. Happy National Pumpkin Pie Day, guys! Kristen

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