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8 Active Summer Staycation Ideas

1. Open Water Activities

There are so many options when you have access to lakes, rivers, or even the ocean. Make your days at the beach a little more active by renting a kayak or canoe for the day. The overwhelming popularity of stand up paddle boarding in the past couple years has made it a “must-try” before the end of summer vacation. No experience necessary!

2. National Parks

Fill your water bottles and pack yourself a picnic! You can easily spend an entire day exploring nature at your nearest national park. Live in the city? Not a problem because there’s always urban hiking. It’s a great way to experience local architecture or other sites that your city has to offer!

3. Do it Yourself (DIY) Bootcamp

Nobody likes getting up at 6AM on summer vacation, but boy do you feel good after getting in a morning sweat before everyone else! Take advantage of the early sunshine by organizing a morning bootcamp with a few friends and a trainer at your local AF. Meeting at a nearby lake could make this early morning sweat sesh that much more enjoyable.

4. Mini Golf or Batting Cages

As much as we like to think that summer weather is perfect, it’s not always the case. Hitting up the batting cages or putting around at your local mini golf course is an active way to enjoy a rainy summer day. Not to mention, it’s fun for individuals of all ages!

5. Host a Summer Olympics

Every four years, millions of people around the world spend countless hours in front of the TV watching the Summer Olympic Games. Just because we don’t have the summer games this year, doesn’t mean you have to miss the fun! Why not bring some of that enthusiasm and friendly competition to your neck of the woods? Gather family, friends or neighbors and host your very own Summer Olympic Games. You know those sports that you never knew were in the Olympics? Like table tennis, synchronized swimming, watermelon seed shooting–give ’em a try! The point is to get outside, get active, and get creative!

6. Bike Trails

In recent years, many cities have become bike friendly! With extensive bike lanes, trails, and greenways, it seems you can get almost anywhere on a set of wheels. Hit the paths and see where the road takes you!

7. Volunteer

Spend your staycation helping others. There are local charitable organizations in your community that can always use a helping hand. Find one that gets you outside or keeps you active if that’s your goal. Something like Habitat for Humanity or even simply donating blood may be great options!

8. Waterparks

Build up those vitamin D stores while you still have the chance and show off that hard-earned bikini bod! If there aren’t any waterparks in your area, create one in your backyard with a sprinkler or DIY slip n’ slide.

Photo credit: J. Star | Lululemon

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