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A Balanced FitFluential Life: Move

Any FitFluential knows that a strong focus on MOVEMENT is an important. A non-negotiable factor in the pursuit of optimal health and wellness. Beyond the obvious benefits of aiding in weight loss, staying active is good for the heart and soul as well. We haven’t found any data yet to back up the benefits of sitting on the couch watching TV!

Members of our FitFluential family get moving through a number of fitness activities. They know that variety is the key to not only eliminating boredom, but to keeping the body guessing and avoiding the dreaded plateau.

Jess Milcetich

If you are just getting started on your fitness journey, try walking. Never underestimate the benefits of adding a 15-30 power walk to your day. The results might surprise you.

Ready to step it up? Add running, but start slow! Many of our members have been running for years, some do marathons and even triathlons all over the country, but many are also just starting. Learn with them.

Bonnie Lang

Many of our Fitfluential members get their sweat flowing with all kinds of fun and intense cardio alternatives like HIIT training, Tabata, Kickboxing, Cycling or Spinning, Boot Camp, Circuit Training, Boxing and MMA mixes. The options are unlimited.

Strength training and its benefits are numerous and now, there are myriad ways to approach gaining strength and conditioning your body. Many FitFluentials love the traditional method of isolation training, but that is no longer your only option. The popularity of Kettlebell training has surged in recent years as has the Crossfit phenomenon. (Please note, don’t get started on any of these endeavors without consulting a trained guide!! We don’t necessarily believe in “No Pain, No Gain!”) Some people prefer Functional Training and TRX or Bodyweight Exercises. There simply is something for everyone.

Providing balance to your movement means incorporating some more Zen-like approaches. Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi and simple stretching will allow your body to relax and strengthen at the same time. Giving your mind time to just be still is a good thing too.

As you can see, there are truly unlimited options for mixing up your fitness routine or for picking something so you can just START NOW. Exercise is beneficial for our bodies and our minds but it’s also just plain FUN. We invite you to join the movement.

Jessica Mulder

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