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ADDICTED: to Health and Fitness



Never in a lifetime would I have imagined a lifestyle in health and fitness to be addictive. I mean come on, having to eat healthy foods, exercise and take care of YOUrself on a constant basis?! Now that’s just asking too much if ask you me; that was, two years ago!



If we rewind to a couple of years back, I was the kind of person who chose not to take care of my health simply out of disregard for it. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I drank large amounts of sugar-filled beverages, I didn’t get enough sleep, I  didn’t exercise or bother to think about it…I just didn’t care. I mean why would I? I was doing whatever I wanted without being tied down to any rules or commitments to myself. I simply stuffed my face because I could and didn’t exercise because I didn’t feel the need to.



I won’t deny that during this time (7 years to be exact) I wasn’t always comfortable in my own skin.  I mean, there was a reason why I always made a point to layer my clothes to hide the extra folds I was carrying. And having said that, I thought I had found the perfect solution to my weight changes (gain) by way of camouflage (it’s quite amazing how much you can hide by wearing your clothes a certain way!). I seriously thought I was a genius.  Yep.

In the months leading up to my lifestyle change, I had gained 10 pounds (and this doesn’t count the added pounds from the years preceding!). Nothing fit. My genius ways were starting to fail and people were starting to notice. I started noticing. So I went on a diet. That is, my own diet. The diet lasted up until something tasty was placed in front of me. I actually thought if I skipped meals, I could have a bag of popcorn (sometimes two) for dinner. Some might say that for a smart girl, that wasn’t so smart (even I know that!). Oh, I should also mention exercise wasn’t included in all of this.

It was finally suggested to me (actually, often times only this time I bit!) that I meet with someone who could give me direction and a proper plan to get healthy. Yes, healthy. I cringed a little bit at the thought but figured it was about time I stopped hiding and started living, a healthier life. It simply had to be done. For me. 

Once I finally dragged myself to meet with a trainer (family friend now boyfriend!), he sat me down and we got to planning.  During our meeting, we talked about my goals (which was to lose 10lbs and most importantly, to get healthy) and how exactly I was going to get there. Let’s just say, it didn’t include popcorn for dinner and candy throughout the day. Dammit.  He also measured my body fat, which I wasn’t thrilled about and the results weren’t exactly shocking. My measurements were high and at the rate I was going, these numbers would increase in no time. Uh oh.  By the end of our meeting, he gave me the map towards a healthier me. Without a doubt, this map was far different from my own. Surprised? I didn’t think so.

After our rendez-vous, I committed to changing some of my habits. I mean, the thought of trying protein shakes wasn’t exactly appealing and exercising?! Well, one thing at a time people.

Let’s just say, it took me a few tries before I got a hang of the whole plan your meals and always be prepared thing; especially the part about NOT skipping meals.


During my trials and tribulations (ya, some days were really tough!), I bought a pair of running shoes, which I did eventually put to use three times a week (now 5). In total, it took me about two months to get used to the eating healthy thing (which wasn’t perfect but I was making the effort) as well as finding the motivation to get to the gym without finding an excuse not to go. Wasn’t healthy eating enough?! No. I needed exercise too.

Once I got into the groove of things, I started feeling different. Different in a sense where I felt great, confident and best of all, healthy! I felt a high every day knowing I was doing my body and mind good. I was eating well, I was following my program and I had never felt better about myself!

This lifestyle was getting to be addictive.  In fact, I was becoming addicted to my overall well-being!



From the moment I started to make changes to my lifestyle to this present day, not for one second do I regret making the switch (and no, I don’t miss my popcorn dinners!).  If anything, it has opened my eyes to a world I never knew! It’s definitely safe to say that I’ve become addicted to treating my body the way it should have been treated all along…with care, proper nutrition, exercise and rest.

Who knew that one meeting would change everything. Who knew what proper eating habits and exercise would amount to?  Who knew I’d end up competing in a Figure Competition and win first place, weight train, become a Cyclist, start running, train for a half-marathon and now, incorporate Yoga into my schedule.


Gosh, who knew I’d take a liking to cooking…



And that someday I’d discover my passion for writing, begin to share my experiences through a blog and become part of the FitFluential Family?! Not me!

What my journey has taught me is that YOU CAN make healthy and positive lifestyle changes at any point in your life if you simply commit yourself, well, to YOUrself! Believe in what you are capable of accomplishing, and most importantly, believe in YOUrself!

Your health is important and should not be disregarded. If you’ve been yearning to get healthy, now is the time!

Don’t just think about, be about it. Get up. Get going. Stop the procrastination and just do it.

Get addicted.

What’s your addiction when it comes to health and fitness?

What got you started and what keeps you motivated?



Kierston is a health, fitness and food blogger at *CaNdY FiT*. *CaNdY FiT* is her way of sharing her journey in a lifestyle fueled by exercise and healthy eating, while keeping it all balanced. The hope is to encourage and motivate others to see that it is possible to be healthy and have fun while at it! Live and be healthy. 

You can follow Kierston through her blog, facebook page and twitter! 



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