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4 Ways to Get Yourself to the Gym Everyday

Written by Enozia Vakil Taking the first step and getting yourself committed to a gymming routine can be tough, but what’s tougher is pulling yourself out of bed, getting dressed and hitting the gym everyday, especially if you’re a newbie. So if you’re one of those who lack the motivation …

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Oven-Baked Curly Fries

Whether you’re a serious athlete or just getting into fitness, you’ve probably wondered what the best foods are to fuel your workouts. Behold, potatoes!   There are plenty of popular foods known for being great pre or post workout fuel. Greek yogurt, whole grains, and almond butter just to name …

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How To Relieve Your Muscles After a Tough Workout

Working out makes you feel better. It tones muscles, helps you to maintain your weight, and allows you to deal with those oh-so-common stresses that you experience each day. However, despite the benefits of getting fit, there are some drawbacks to working out, too. Your muscles can get really sore, …

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How To Get the Most Out of Static Stretching

When you think of a workout routine, you probably visualize a strenuous workout full of heart-pumping cardio, huge weight sets, and lots of reps. Stretching should also be an important part of any exercise routine, but is something many people lose track of. When you stretch dynamically before a workout, …

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Cardio, Strength Training or Yoga? Finding the Right Workout For You

  What’s your workout? With so many options, everyone can be active and exercise in their own way! It’s all about finding your style, knowing what works for you, and being consistent with it – while having fun along the way. So, are you a cardio junkie, a strength training …

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