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I Ditched My Fancy Pre-Workout For Natural Energy and Here’s What Happened

Chugging my electric grape flavored pre-workout was my afternoon ritual, but I didn’t want to rely on a chemical cocktail to get me through the day. I switched to taking natural supplement from The Refreshinq Co. and here’s what I found. I am incredibly lucky to be involved in so many things. …

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Solving Sleep Problems: Non-Obvious Solutions to Better Rest and Recovery

A lack of sleep has been linked to early death, but too much sleep has also been associated with early death. It’s the type of confusing one-liners from the medical community that make your head spin and question science. So, where’s the healthy option? While this might seem like a cruel joke, …

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The Gift Guide For Fitness-Obsessed Ladies

Christmas shopping that’s not boring but is super affordable? The fit-obsessed ladies in your life will love these gifts! Brought to you by Danskin NOW, here’s a gift guide for your workout-loving girl friends.   Pictured: Athleisure Crewneck Pullover with Zipper Detail | Performance Compression Leggings Do you love giving …

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How to Personalize Your Workout

Designing your plan isn’t just about selecting good exercises. It’s about the picking the best options for you body. If every workout were created equal, then all plans would deliver the same results and consist of the exact same movements. While most training plans do boil down to some commonalities, …

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So reparieren Sie Ihre Haltung

The simple fixes you can make to end the pain  you feel when you stand, sit, or are even lying down. The greatest lie ever told is that adding exercise will ensure your body will never hurt again. Yes, a smart training plan can go a long way towards preventing injury …

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Tabata Training, Fat Loss, and the Intensity Effect

Imagine a world where any type of exercise you performed could burn fat and help you lose weight. Whether it was the treadmill, the weight room, or the swimming pool. You choose the activity, and the pounds melt away. Now, understand that the world you are looking for does exist. …

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Does Foam Rolling Help You Build Muscle?

When foam rollers first hit the market, most guys looked at them like an ab roller. “Nice toy, but I’ll pass.” As time went on the fad turned out to be a trend you couldn’t ignore. Gyms made them standard fare, athletes started rolling before games, and next thing you …

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The Best Stretch for Your Body (In less than 5 minutes)

Everybody has an opinion on stretching exercises. My thoughts: Stretch or don’t stretch, just do this move before your workout and you’ll be better prepared for any type of exercise. The key is that you’re moving in a similar fashion to when you do an activity, whether it’s lifting weights or playing …

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