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Simple and Healthy Recipes for After School Snacks

Simple and Healthy Recipes for After School Snacks Back to school started last week for my family. With both kids starting new schools, it was exciting, and a bit nerve wracking, for all of us. Nothing welcomes the kids home like healthy after school snacks. If you have ever checked …

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Join me for the #SkinnygirlSnacks Twitter Party 9/24 at 11am!

Photo Credit: Will Cook For Smiles Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know we do and we’re excited to host a party where we talk all about healthy snacking! On Wednesday, September 24th at 11:00 am ET, please join us for the #SkinnygirlSnacks Twitter Party where we’ll be sharing tips on living …

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Tea Time with Sautéed Vegetable Wrap & Pasta Salad #TEArifficPairs

I am in denial that summer is coming to an end. I try to eat on my back deck as much as possible to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. It can disappear pretty quickly up here in New England. I enjoy afternoon tea time with my lunch. I love …

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Back to School: Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes

Back to School: Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes Back to School time is in full swing. Along with school schedules, many families need to juggle extracurricular activities as well. In my family, we have soccer, dance, and gymnastics multiple days a week. With homework and playdates also on the schedule, …

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Street Fair Fun with Bigelow Tea #BigTeaBar

Street Fair Fun with Bigelow Tea #BigTeaBar #AmericasTea Growing up, I always enjoyed going to street fairs with my father. As a New York City police officer, he took me to many fairs in neighborhoods all over the city. I enjoy sharing this tradition with my family. Last weekend, we attended …

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Healthy Side Dish: Bell Pepper & Cabbage Slaw

Jenn Mitchell is a proud mom, wife and adventure seeker. She’s traveled either solo or with family to 20 countries and 36 U.S. states so far. A former personal trainer, Jenn looks for ways to keep her family fit and active both at home and on the road. Her goal …

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Pudding Cups Halloween Party Treats

Halloween ist ein Lieblingsurlaub für unsere Familie. Wir lieben es, neue Leckereien zu kreieren, die man auf Nachbarschaftspartys teilen kann. Dieses Jahr haben wir diese süßen Pudding Halloween Party Treats kreiert. Meine Tochter kann es kaum erwarten, sie dieses Jahr zu ihrem Haus zu bringen. Sie sind sicher ein großer …

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Our Halloween Plan: Dinner Time Before CANDY Time

Our Halloween Plan: Dinner Time Before CANDY Time #Treats4All When Halloween falls on a school day, as it does this year, it can be a challenge to get the kids to sit down for dinner before heading out for candy. “We’ll just eat candy for dinner!” they say. “Not on …

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How to be an After School Snack HERO

Mit einem super wählerischen Kind wie meinem Sohn ist es nicht einfach, ihn dazu zu bringen, seine Snacks nach der Schule zu essen. Besonders mag er es nicht, wenn ich ihm frisches Obst diene. Eine erprobte und wahre Option für mich ist es, einen Brotaufstrich zu verwenden, der Obst für …

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