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Easy Vegetarian Appetizers for a Book Club Gathering

Thank you MorningStar Farms for sponsoring this post. MorningStar Farms is great for any occasion. It’s Good Food for Good Times! Easy Vegetarian Appetizers for a Book Club Gathering When I host book club, I am all about creating healthy and easy appetizers. We also have a vegetarian in our club so I like to create …

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Tray Talk: Supporting Healthy School Meals

Are healthy school meals important to you? Believe it or not, providing healthy meals is not as simple as just adding fruits and vegetables to lunch trays. There is a lot of effort put into creating an environment that not only provides healthier choices, but encourages kids to make these choices …

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Oven-Baked Curly Fries

Whether you’re a serious athlete or just getting into fitness, you’ve probably wondered what the best foods are to fuel your workouts. Behold, potatoes!   There are plenty of popular foods known for being great pre or post workout fuel. Greek yogurt, whole grains, and almond butter just to name …

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Simple and Healthy Recipes for After School Snacks

Simple and Healthy Recipes for After School Snacks Back to school started last week for my family. With both kids starting new schools, it was exciting, and a bit nerve wracking, for all of us. Nothing welcomes the kids home like healthy after school snacks. If you have ever checked …

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How To Relieve Your Muscles After a Tough Workout

Working out makes you feel better. It tones muscles, helps you to maintain your weight, and allows you to deal with those oh-so-common stresses that you experience each day. However, despite the benefits of getting fit, there are some drawbacks to working out, too. Your muscles can get really sore, …

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How To Get the Most Out of Static Stretching

When you think of a workout routine, you probably visualize a strenuous workout full of heart-pumping cardio, huge weight sets, and lots of reps. Stretching should also be an important part of any exercise routine, but is something many people lose track of. When you stretch dynamically before a workout, …

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Join me for the #SkinnygirlSnacks Twitter Party 9/24 at 11am!

Photo Credit: Will Cook For Smiles Do you love a good Twitter Party? You know we do and we’re excited to host a party where we talk all about healthy snacking! On Wednesday, September 24th at 11:00 am ET, please join us for the #SkinnygirlSnacks Twitter Party where we’ll be sharing tips on living …

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Tea Time with Sautéed Vegetable Wrap & Pasta Salad #TEArifficPairs

I am in denial that summer is coming to an end. I try to eat on my back deck as much as possible to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. It can disappear pretty quickly up here in New England. I enjoy afternoon tea time with my lunch. I love …

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