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“Did You Win?”


The past 10 months has been full of fitness related activities for my family. I’ve competed in 3 Bikini Competitions, a division of bodybuilding; my husband plays ice hockey and my boys played on a travel soccer team. Currently, I’m signed up to play on a co-ed adult soccer team with my husband. WOW!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to sign up for and run in the 4 the Wounded 5k race in Charlottesville; a nonprofit whose mission is to honor and empower wounded warriors. Only in its second year, the race had 1120 participants registered.

My goal for this race was simply not to walk. I had just finished a bikini competition and hadn’t run more than a mile in quite some time. At check-in, my registration was found but no one was able to locate my race bib. After getting in line to obtain a new number, the volunteer did a double-take at his screen and said, “Are you really 37?”  Victory!

running 5K

The atmosphere at this venue was energetic and full of excitement. There was a local band, the local SEAL PT Team and a lot of spectators.  During the race, I felt good. I felt good because I was running and was part of such a fantastic cause.

Upon my arrival home the first thing my boys asked was “Did you win?” What happened next? I took a shower and then a nap! I had soccer practice that same night!!! I ran back and forth for another hour. My legs were toast; I was beat! I did muster up enough energy to stop by Sweet Frog for sugar-free frozen yogurt on the way home.

Later that night, I got to thinking about the question my boys asked.  Did you win?” 

A few years ago, I could barely run a mile! I was overweight, tired and sluggish.

bikini show

Today, I was asked if I was really my age; I ran a 5k in 30 minutes; had soccer practice; all in one day and just finished training for and competing in an NPC Sanctioned Bikini Competition. My answer back to them is “YES!  Yes, I did!” 

I didn’t physically ‘win’ the race. I’m not going to be the All-Star on my soccer team. I didn’t turn pro at my Bikini show but this is for sure; I am winning. I’m a 37-year old mother of two who has ‘Found Her Fit’ and I don’t plan on losing it anytime soon.

crossing finish line

From my experience, getting started with changing your fitness and nutrition routine can be a scary task. I’m not going to lie; this didn’t happen to me overnight and it’s been a lot of hard work that has accumulated over the last 10 years.

I started working out in my basement with exercise DVDs,  a few dumbbells and a pair of sneakers.






Lori Musselman


AFPA-Nutrition and Wellness Consultant





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