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Fun Fitness: Bring out the Kid in YOU!

fun fitness bring out the kid in you
Remember the joys of recess or gym class when you were a kid? You could enjoy the delights of playing games like tag, dodgeball, jump rope. You did this exercise not because you had to, but because it was FUN!

Then you grew up and, for many of us, exercise became another chore for us to accomplish. It was no longer fun. We know it’s good to exercise for our health, but many of us have lost the fun part. That’s why people listen to music or watch TV while working out—it helps the time pass more quickly whereas when we were kids, we never wanted the fun of exercise to end.

Bring back fun fitness by finding the kid in you!

While traditional activities like running or taking a class at the gym may be the most practical choice, consider other activities that can have the same benefits with an added dose of fun. Here are a few exercise ideas to bring out the kid in you.

  • Try a team sport like softball, soccer, basketball, or hockey
  • Replace a stationary bike at the gym with a lovely ride outdoors
  • Take a dance class – there is a Hip Hop Mama class in my area that I love
  • Hoola hoop classes – or just break out a hoop in the backyard
  • Find a local Dodgeball game – many communities have these for adults

Do you have other ideas for fun fitness? Share them in a comment. Have fun bringing out the kid in you!

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