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Lose excess fat waist and abdomen, What kind of exercise is the most effective?

How to quickly lose fat on the waist and abdomen?
University of Vermont researchers test age to have a healthy weight of 178 in the 20-60 Ms. oldest amongst them than the youngest person has a 55% excess abdominal fat.

There are a paunch is not inevitable. The abdominal exercise can help you achieve this desire. Pilates training is your secret weapon, because it can move to all of your abdominal muscles. In each section you navel pull your spine, this sport can help you maximize the help you heal your abdomen. Three times a week, done once every other day.

A, lying on his back on the ground, the leg lift, knees bent 90 degrees. Thighs straight up, waist parallel to the ground. Put your hands naturally at your sides, palms down. Maintain abdominal muscle contraction, while you’re back pressed to the ground.

B, inhale, lower your left leg, while the number of “just started to move from your hip to and your toes dipped to the ground (but do not really hit the ground). Breath and then lift your legs back to the initial position, while counting,” Then change your right leg, and continue alternating legs to do 12 each until your legs.

Legs circling movement

A, lying on his back, legs straight. Lift your left leg toward the ceiling, toes Bengzhi, hands by your sides, palms down. Hold for 10 to 60 seconds. (If this action makes you feel uncomfortable, you can Bend your right leg, put your right foot flat on the ground)

B, draw a small circle with your right toe, your leg from the hip rotation. Inhale when you start cruising the end of the breath. Try to keep the body does not move, do not swing, while tightening the abdominal. 6 times circling movement, then do six times the opposite direction. And then for the other leg to do.


A start action like toes dipped movement, but this time to put his hand on the back of your head, elbow valgus. The upper half of the body elevation, lifts your head, neck and shoulders off the ground, and shrinks your belly.

B, inhale, your body turned to the right, the right knee and left shoulder as close as possible to stretch out your left leg toward the ceiling in the form of a diagonal. Breathe, and then for the other side began to do. This is a group, do the six groups.

Kicks sports

A, the left side of the body against the ground to lie down with your legs straight and tight, so your body is in a straight line. You’re for elbow and forearm supporting his body off the ground, put your ribs. Your right hand gently in front of you on the ground in order to maintain balance. (If this action you feel uncomfortable, stretch out your left arm on the ground, put your head on the arm) Lift your right leg, and hip width apart, bend your feet, so you toes facing forward.

B, breath, when you kick your right leg may forward kick, while the number of “kick, kick. Inhale, straighten your toes, swing your legs back, put your left leg. This is a group, do not lower the legs to do six groups, and then for the other side to start doing.

Back rotation stretching exercises

A, lying on the floor, forehead on your hands, palms on the floor, feet apart and hip width. The contraction of the abdomen.

B, lift your head, shoulders and chest off the ground. Rotate your upper body to the right, back towards the center. The other on the left to start doing again, and continue to do until your body on each side has done six times rotational motion.

Body flexor movement

A, sitting on the ground with the left side of your hips, left leg bent in front of your body, and the left hand on the ground to support the body. Put your right foot flat on the ground, so that your right foot in front of your left knee, right knee toward the ceiling direction. Relax your right arm on his right knee cap.

B, shrink your belly, body pressure to your left hand, lift your hips off the ground. When you live in the ground with a left knee support (as shown), straighten your right leg, right arm held over your head so that your right hand fingers and your right toe on the same line on. Hold for 10-30 seconds to return to the initial position, and then began to do for the other side.

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