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Mother’s Day for the Fitness-Focused Mom

Flowers. Brunch. Mimosas. Pedicures. These are some staple Mother’s Day gifts and activities we all know and love. But there’s something missing from all of them – physical activity, and, in some cases, the outdoors. Whether you’re hanging out with mom or are a mother yourself, enjoy quality time with family while staying active. How? We suggest making a tee time. #GearedForMore

Golf runs in my family. From my dad, brother, uncles and cousins, pretty much everyone plays a round on a regular basis. So, it was only natural I pick up a club myself.

It started with lessons at the driving range when I was nine. The head pro at the course taught us how to use irons, woods, drivers and putters, and to aim directly at the ball collector (you know, the guy or gal who drives around in the screened in cart?). While I loved my time at the driving range with the other kids, playing an actual round was a whole different ballgame. At hole #4, I swung and missed until I was a blubbering mess, telling my dad I would never play this game again in my entire life. I was such a diva, wasn’t I?

It took some time to get over that initial experience, but by the time I was in my upper teens I was back at the range during the summer months. While I never joined a league or became a ‘serious golfer’ like my dad, I discovered an appreciation for the game, specifically its health and fitness benefits.

You can also look good playing – the women’s line from Adidas Golf is ON POINT. In fact, my mom has been gushing over it ever since she saw my ensemble. (Mother’s Day gift, hint hint)

Speaking of mom, Mother’s Day is only a few days away. If you don’t have any plans, here’s a few reasons why you should play golf with mom. If you do have plans, consider swapping them for a tee time.

It’s Exercise…Duh
Golf is often thought of as a relaxed sport that doesn’t require any real degree of fitness. This could not be further from the truth. Golf incorporates cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and balance and stability. Think about it. The average golf course is spread over 74 acres of  hilly terrain. Some even occupy up to 150 acres! That’s a lot of walking – which happens to be one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. In one 9-hole game my FitBit easily tracked 10,000 steps. I know what you’re thinking – what about using a golf cart? Of course driving around in a golf cart decreases the amount of walking, but that’s where the strength work comes in. Swinging the club might not feel like a lot of work – but trust me. After an hour at the driving range you’ll be feeling it in your arms, shoulders, back and core. Want an extra calorie burn? Skip the caddy. Lifting and carrying a bag of golf clubs also challenges your upper body strength.

Pro tip: A workout from golf benefits more than your physique – your brain and heart also get a workout. Any form of physical exercise get blood pumping to the heart. And all that walking, swinging and carrying will increase your heart rate and blood flow to the brain.

It’s a Breath of Fresh Air
How much time do you spend outdoors? If you’re anything like me, not enough. Many of us continue to exercise indoors even during the warmer months. And when it comes to social events, grabbing coffee, dining out or seeing a movie often trump outdoor activities. So how can we encourage each other to get outside? Well, someone has to make the first move… suggest meeting at the driving range or playing a round of golf! Not only is golf an excellent way to enjoy green space, it’s also promotes an active and social lifestyle. We call that a #winwin. 

Did you know? Exposure to green areas can relax the body, reduce stress and aid in alleviating anxiety.

Quality Time
I’ve always viewed golf as a social sport. That point was driven home even further when my dad introduced me to about 30 different people at our local golf club. It’s literally his entire social life, and it makes sense as to why. Golf can be a great way to keep in touch with friends, meet new people and be part of a community. The game itself isn’t super intense when compared to other sports like soccer or basketball, either. Golf allows plenty of downtime for chatting – perfect for filling in mom on your life’s latest details. So – if you’re looking to spend some quality time with mom this Sunday (or if you’re a mom who wants to get the most out of Mother’s Day) hit up  the driving range, play a round, or schedule a private lesson!

It’s Fashionable  
From skorts, polos, vests and shoes, things are looking pretty good when it comes to women’s golf apparel. Have plans after your 18 holes? The line from Adidas Golf has plenty of options to take you from the course to brunch without a wardrobe change. Shop now and save 20% using code FitFluential20! Some of our staff picks below.

Ready to take a swing (pun intended)? Stay active this Mother’s Day with the help of Adidas Golf. And don’t forget a gift! Get 20% off your AdidasGolf.com purchase using code FitFluential20!


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