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The Tension Weightlifting Technique: How to Make Every Exercise More Effective

Yes, genetics matter. So does nutrition, your fat-to-muscle ratio, how many years you’ve been lifting weights, if you sit throughout the day, and — ultimately –how much weight you can lift. But let’s assume all of those are equal, and yet, here you are, still sweating day-after-day at the gym …

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Run Faster With This Suprisingly Simple Technique

Photo: Pond5 You run. You run a lot. You do speed work. Yet, you haven’t achieved your PR. In fact, you haven’t seen many improvements and you’re feeling burnt out — maybe even injured. So what’s going on? The problem may not be your training, your shoes or your diet. …

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Injured Again? The Scoop on Dry Needling and Graston Technique

Photo: Pond5 We’ve all been desperate to shake an injury. But would you subject yourself to “dry needling,” during which tiny needles are threaded in and out of your muscles, for relief? Or the “Graston Technique,” which involves having your kinks worked out — with potentially bruise-inducing metal instruments? It …

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